30x30 for California: Protecting the State’s Natural Wonders for all Californians

January 14, 2022

Ron & Patty Thomas/iStock

Scientists are calling for the protection of at least 30 percent of the world’s oceans and 30 percent of all lands and inland waters by 2030. This goal, known as 30-by-30 or 30x30, would safeguard our air and water quality, protect our food supply and health, prevent mass wildlife extinctions, and protect treasured natural spaces for all to enjoy for generations to come. Dozens of countries plan to enact 30x30, and California is leading the United States with a statewide commitment to protect 30 percent of its lands and waters by 2030.

From the iconic redwood forests to coastal kelp forests, California is a biodiversity hot spot—home to a high concentration of species found nowhere else in the world. Protecting 30 percent of California’s natural places will help restore the health of these unique ecosystems and make them more resilient to a changing climate. It can also offer Californians a chance to create more equitable access to nature, bring communities together to conserve our shared natural heritage, and increase opportunities for Indigenous management of critical Indigenous resources and returning stolen Indigenous lands to their original stewards. All eyes are now on the Golden State to fulfill our 30x30 commitment to build and strengthen critical marine, freshwater, and terrestrial protections for the benefit of 40 million Californians and beyond.

Urge CA state leaders to protect oceans and other natural spaces