Acid Seas

How carbon pollution is wreaking havoc on marine life.
Policy Primer

Our current system of managing the waters that cover almost half our planet does little to ensure the long-term survival of marine ecosystems.


We’re drowning marine ecosystems in trash, noise, oil, and carbon emissions.


Carbon pollution isn't just warming the climate—it's also making our oceans more acidic. NRDC scientist Lisa Suatoni explains why we must pay attention.

NRDC in Action

NRDC played a key role in banning offshore drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic. Once again, it’s fighting to protect those oceans—and the rest of America’s waters.

On the Front Lines

Ocean acidification hits the Pacific shellfish industry.

Oregon State University/Flickr
onEarth Story

Global warming made the scorching temperatures on the Great Barrier Reef 175 times more likely.

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