Pollution from cars and trucks is a major threat to our climate and our health.

NRDC works with automakers and government leaders not only to make cars go farther on a tank of gas but also to take them off gas entirely. We've helped drive the federal government to adopt major improvements in fuel-economy standards. And we are working to get millions more electric vehicles on the road and advocating ways to make them more affordable.

What We're Doing

Policy Solution

We helped broker a fuel-efficiency deal that will cut carbon pollution from new cars in half and save drivers $90 billion a year at the pump.

Policy Solution

We're pushing for biofuels that are sustainably grown, protect sensitive landscapes, and lower carbon pollution.

Policy Solution

Electric cars require no gas and release no tailpipe emissions. That’s why we're working to get more of them on the road.

Policy Solution

As China’s electric vehicle market is growing rapidly, we're helping the country prepare its electric grid to power EVs with clean, renewable energy.

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