Burning oil, gas, and coal endangers people’s health and causes climate change.

NRDC fights to reduce the impacts of fossil fuels. We helped secure the first-ever U.S. limits on carbon pollution from power plants—the biggest source of climate change pollution in the country. We empower local communities to protect themselves from reckless fracking operations, and we partner with leading scientists, financial analysts, and First Nations to stop the expansion of dirty tar sands oil development. We also push for the cleaner, smarter energy solutions across the globe that will power our future and make dirty fossil fuels obsolete.

What We're Doing

Policy Solution

We fight dirty energy projects on all fronts—from offshore oil rigs in the Arctic to fracking rigs in people’s backyards.

Policy Solution

With the Clean Power Plan in place, we are defending its carbon pollution limits and making its goals a reality.

Policy Solution

From warheads to uranium mines to waste piles, we try to reduce the dangers of nuclear energy.

Policy Solution

We push the oil and gas industry to limit methane pollution, which traps more than 80 times as much heat on our planet as carbon dioxide.

Policy Solution

NRDC is working with local and international partners to help reduce pollution, increase energy efficiency and clean energy, and strengthen environmental governance.

Policy Solution

We fight to shield the Arctic and Atlantic from the devastating hazards of oil drilling.

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