Powering buildings can make up 75 percent of a city’s carbon pollution, yet much of that energy is wasted through drafty windows and outdated technology.

NRDC creates policies that help buildings become more energy efficient. We work with U.S., Chinese, and Indian cities to design incentives for building owners to invest in efficiency—cutting pollution and saving money in the process. We also partner with affordable-housing groups to ensure that low-income communities benefit from efficient windows and appliances that reduce energy bills and make their homes more comfortable places to live.

What We're Doing

Policy Solution

Our City Energy Project cuts energy waste in large buildings and makes U.S. cities healthier, more prosperous places to live.

Policy Solution

We help bring the benefits of energy efficiency to low-income families in a dozen states across the nation.

Policy Solution

We are helping Chinese cities slash energy waste in commercial and residential buildings—which then reduces carbon pollution and makes the air safer to breathe.

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Defender of Energy Efficiency—and Equity

Dawone Robinson, regional director of NRDC’s Energy Efficiency for All Project, works to create opportunities for low-income communities of color to save energy and money.

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