Few everyday decisions are more important to our health—or the health of our planet—than choosing what we eat.

NRDC pushes corporations and policymakers to reduce harmful chemicals in our food. We fight for stronger pollution controls on industrial farms and help small farmers safeguard their crops against climate change. We also develop initiatives to reduce food waste and promote sustainability from farm to fork.

Our Priorities

Safe Food

Americans are consuming more dangerous chemicals than ever before.

Livestock Production

More than 70 percent of medically important antibiotics in the U.S. are used on animals, not people.

Climate-Resilient Farms

U.S. farmers could save more than $17 billion in crop loss a year by adapting their methods.

Food Waste

40 percent of food in the United States never gets eaten.

Local Food Systems

A typical American meal contains ingredients from five foreign countries.

Climate-Healthy Eating

Producing beef causes 34 times more greenhouse gas pollution than growing legumes.

Climate Change and Agriculture

The most effective strategy for farmers adapting to climate change is improving soil health.

What's at Stake

What you can do

Save the Food

Forty percent of food in America is wasted. By making smart decisions about using, storing, and buying food, you can help save money, water, fuel, and the environment.

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