We can’t fight climate change without understanding what drives it.

September 13, 2022

It turns out this controversial renewable hardly lives up to its carbon-cutting reputation.

August 11, 2022

The most widespread, damaging storms on earth are getting worse, and climate change is a big reason why. Here’s a look at what causes hurricanes and how to address the threat of a wetter, windier world.

July 26, 2022

By relying on plants, soil, and natural systems to manage rainfall runoff, green infrastructure tackles urban water woes and boosts climate resilience. Here’s how.

July 25, 2022

From fertilizer runoff to methane emissions, large-scale industrial agriculture pollution takes a toll on the environment.

July 21, 2022

The U.N. report warns that dire impacts from climate change will arrive sooner than many expected. Here’s why we need to follow the report’s advice, and why every ton of emissions reductions can make a difference.

July 20, 2022

We’re drowning marine ecosystems in trash, noise, oil, and carbon emissions.

June 07, 2022

Wind and solar are powering a clean energy revolution. Here’s what you need to know about renewables and how you can help make an impact at home.

June 01, 2022

Mining, drilling, and burning dirty energy are harming the environment and our health. Here’s everything you need to know about fossil fuels, and why we need to embrace a clean energy future.

June 01, 2022

Short answer: Yes. Even a seemingly slight average temperature rise is enough to cause a dramatic transformation of our planet.

May 23, 2022