A Healthy Ocean for All: The Promise of 30x30 for California

Fact Sheet
September 01, 2022

Nick Kee Son/Getty Images

California’s unique and beautiful coastline is under threat. Climate change and biodiversity loss are transforming our state’s ocean and coastal habitats. For example, in the past 75 years, approximately 90 percent of California’s tidal marshes have been lost and 90 percent of historical eelgrass beds have disappeared. To protect biodiversity and strengthen climate resilience, scientists believe we must conserve at least 30 percent of the ocean and 30 percent of land and inland waters by 2030, a global goal known as 30x30. In 2020, Governor Newsom ensured that California would lead the way in this effort when he signed an executive order committing to the 30x30 goal.

Meeting this goal will require both increased support for strong Marine Protected Areas and measures that emphasize equity and accessibility. California’s waters belong to all Californians. We all have a stake in ensuring its protection.