How to Set Up a Social Media Fundraiser

Ask your friends on Facebook or Instagram to donate to NRDC by following these easy steps.

Carlos Aponte

Many social media platforms now allow people to create DIY fundraisers to support their favorite organizations and causes. Here’s how you can help raise money for NRDC on Facebook and Instagram.


  1. Log on.
    Visit NRDC’s Facebook page, then click or tap “Fundraisers” on the top bar.
  2. Click or tap the “Raise money” button.
    This creates a shareable page that you’ll customize with a title, a goal amount, and an end date.
  3. Personalize your page.
    Though you can choose to keep the automated title and description for your fundraiser about NRDC’s mission and why you’re raising money for our work, your friends are more likely to respond if you customize your message. Share why NRDC is meaningful to you and how donating to your fundraiser will be impactful at a time when our environment and health are under attack. Finally, fill in your goal amount.
  4. Select a photo.
    You can choose from our options, or you can upload your own photo. After you select the photo you want, click “Done.” You’ll have the option to move or crop it.
  5. Go live.
    Select “Create” to publish your fundraiser and share it to your Facebook timeline.
  6. Spread the word!
    To reach as many of your friends as possible, be persistent! Make sure to post your fundraiser at least a few times before your end date approaches. Here are two ways to follow up:
  • Open your fundraiser page and click the “Share” button. From there, choose to either post it on your timeline again (and tag your friends) or send it in a private message.
  • For those friends who may not visit Facebook often, copy and paste the URL into an e-mail.


There are three ways to create fundraisers on Instagram—through your posts, your stories, or your reels. Here’s a breakdown on how to use each feature.

For an Instagram post:

  1. Log on.
    From your profile tab, tap the plus button to add a new post.
  2. Select NRDC for your fundraiser.
    Capture or choose the image you want to use. When you get to the caption page, describe why you’re raising money for NRDC, then select “Add fundraiser.” Type in “nrdc_org” in the search bar to select us. This will take you to the Fundraisers detail page where you can choose how much you want to help raise. Hit “Done.”
  3. Share to other platforms at the same time.
    Before you go live, you can also choose to share your post to your other linked social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.
  4. Go live!
    Tap “Share” and you’ll be all set! The fundraiser will live on that post and a link will also pop up on your bio description.
  5. Continue to share.
    Once you’ve set up your fundraiser, you can spread the word by tagging it on additional IG posts by tapping the NRDC fundraiser toggle on the caption page.
  6. If it’s still going strong, extend your fundraiser after 30 days.
    Your fundraiser will only be active for 30 days, but you can extend it by opening the original post where the fundraiser lives and tapping “Extend fundraiser.”

In an Instagram story:

  1. Log on.
    Tap the plus button and then swipe to “Story” at the very bottom.
  2. Add fundraiser.
    After you have edited your video or photo, hit the sticker icon and select the “Donation” sticker. Type our name “nrdc_org” into the search bar to select us.
  3. Customize your fundraiser title.
    You can use the standard title that’s provided or come up with something more creative.
  4. Go live!
    Hit “Done” and then add to “Your story” or “Close friends” at the very bottom. Story fundraisers will only be live for 24 hours unless you add it as a Story Highlight on your profile—this will keep the fundraiser open until you delete the story.

Via an Instagram reel:

  1. Log on.
    Tap the plus button and then swipe to “Reel” at the very bottom.
  2. Add fundraiser.
    After you’ve created your reel and edited it, hit “Next” until you reach the Share page. Hit “Add fundraiser” and type in “nrdc_org” in the search bar to select us.
    Enter in the amount you hope to raise. Hit “Done.”
  3. Tap “Share.”
    You’re all set!
  4. Continue to share.
    You can tag your fundraiser on new reels by hitting the toggle next to the NRDC fundraiser on the Share page.

On behalf of NRDC, thank you for your support! If you have any further questions, please reach out to us at

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