Improve Efficiency in Affordable Housing

Efficient appliances, windows, and heating systems can save money and reduce dangerous pollution. Yet not everyone can afford to make the upfront investment in energy-saving dishwashers or furnaces. This is especially true for the millions of low-income Americans living in rental housing.

Ziss/Getty Images

NRDC helped launch the Energy Efficiency for All project to bring the benefits of efficiency to affordable housing in a dozen states across the nation. Low-income families spend up to 20 percent of their money on energy—compared to just 4 percent for the average household. These bills take a bite out of the resources residents have for food, health care, and other necessities. Partnering with the National Housing Trust, the Energy Foundation, and other groups, NRDC is helping families in affordable housing save energy and money.

We work with utilities and state regulators to design efficiency incentives that give a fair share of funding to affordable rentals. We help housing finance authorities to streamline the process for investing in efficiency upgrades. And we collaborate with local community groups to ensure that all building owners and tenants can access efficiency programs.

By bringing the energy and the affordable housing sectors together, NRDC is creating a network of efficiency experts. The results will help low-income families save up to $40 a month on energy bills. NRDC aims to help five million families save money and make their homes healthier, more comfortable places to live.

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