Oceans are damaged every day by oil and gas drilling, pollution, and industrial impacts.

Human activities are changing the ocean's chemistry, destroying habitats, and killing marine life. NRDC has pioneered ways to restore and protect our oceans from destructive practices. To make sure marine life stays healthy, we fight against threats like offshore drilling in sensitive areas, plastic pollution, and ocean acidification.

What We're Doing

Policy Solution

We fight to shield the Arctic and Atlantic from the devastating hazards of oil drilling.

Policy Solution

Hundreds of marine life species eat or get entangled in plastic. We work to keep this trash from reaching the ocean at all.

Policy Solution

We push the federal government for more research on the effects of an increasingly corrosive ocean caused by carbon pollution.

Policy Solution

Despite an international ban on whaling, these marine mammals are still being killed across the globe. We fight to stop this illegal act.

Policy Solution

American beaches violate public health standards thousands of times a year. We push solutions that will keep them cleaner.

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What You Can Do

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