Preserve the Endangered Species Act

Over the past four decades, the Endangered Species Act, one of America’s bedrock environmental laws, has helped prevent the extinction of hundreds of wildlife species threatened by overfishing, habitat loss, and other dangers. The act has been an essential tool for protecting bald eagles, grizzly bears, wolves, polar bears, beluga whales, California condors, and scores of other iconic species.

Martin Bailey/Offset

NRDC has successfully led the fight to add animals and plants to the Endangered Species List and defend vulnerable wildlife in court. But now the laws that protect those species are themselves endangered. Politicians want to gut those laws to appease outside influences. NRDC is fighting to preserve those safeguards and block harmful congressional action that would remove protection for struggling species. We educate lawmakers about the environmental and economic value of vibrant wildlife populations and demonstrate strong public support for protecting our wild heritage.

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