Saving Water Is Sexy

San Francisco has some, um, suggestive suggestions for dealing with the drought.

June 12, 2015

California may be in the middle of a brutal drought, but it hasn’t dried up San Francisco’s sense of humor. Last year, the city's water agency ran a frisky ad campaign to encourage residents to cut down on water use, featuring tips such as “make it a quickie” (your shower, silly!) and “get paid for doing it” (replacing your toilet with a more efficient model, what else?). And this week, the Public Utilities Commission announced it would spend $300,000 to keep the old ads flowing as well as to sprinkle in some new ones.

There’s bang for that buck: Last year, the ads helped residents reduce water usage by 8 percent. The City by the Bay now has Governor Jerry Brown’s mandatory water restrictions to deal with, so let’s hope this new round of risqué reminders turns Californians on to turning it off.

All images courtesy the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

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