United States

Across this great country, NRDC stands for the rights of all people to clean air, clean water, and healthy communities by protecting the wildlife, landscapes, and natural resources that sustain us all.


NRDC advocates for the region’s treasured wilderness and thriving urban centers—and all the communities in between.

Across the Southeast, NRDC is fighting for a clean energy and climate-resilient future that’s good for people, the planet, and the economy.

Empowered by strong collaborations in America’s heartland, NRDC is promoting climate action, supporting investments in rural and urban communities, and protecting drinking water.

NRDC is working with cities and states in the region to transition to clean energy, promote environmental justice, and protect public lands.

NRDC works with local leadership to advance some of the most progressive environmental, health, and climate policies in the country.

Many of our top priorities—from tackling climate change to defending endangered species—come to a head in this region.

We work with local partners to restore access to power and clean water after Hurricane Maria and ensure a more sustainable future.

NRDC fights for the extraordinary landscapes, majestic seas, and iconic wildlife of Alaska and the Arctic.