As our climate changes, water is becoming a less reliable resource in the already unpredictable business of farming.

American farms have experienced billions of dollars in crop losses due to extreme weather events, like droughts, floods, and excessive heat. To survive more frequent droughts and weather extremes, farms need strategies that can help improve water management while maintaining farm income and food production. NRDC develops and advocates for initiatives and strategies that will help farms confront the harmful effects of climate change while also helping to reduce the threat.

What We're Doing

Policy Solution

As long droughts become more and more common, we're pushing farmers to embrace sustainable practices that increase soil health and use water more efficiently.

Policy Solution

We support and promote farmers who use water more efficiently through smarter irrigation and soil practices.

Policy Solution

We force the federal government to collect information about—and do more to address pollution from—factory farms.


Farming in harmony with nature fights climate change, improves water quality, and protects biodiversity. NRDC works with growers, ranchers, and community leaders to craft policies for a regenerative farm and food system.


What’s lurking in your lake? NRDC’s assessment of freshwater harmful algal bloom programs in the United States shows what states are doing—or not doing—to keep the public informed and protected.

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