The iconic landscapes that represent our last reserves of biodiversity and untamed beauty are threatened by government and industry.

NRDC fights to preserve our planet’s natural treasures, from the Arctic to Patagonia to the American West. We go to court to challenge oil companies' plans to drill in the ocean and stop governments and businesses from building dams and clear-cutting forests that would destroy wildlife. And we urge the White House to establish new national monuments that will preserve more American wildlands for generations to come.

What We're Doing

Policy Solution

Protect Natural Treasures

From Canada's Spirit Bear Coast to California's Baja gray whale nursery to Alaska's Tongass rainforest, we work to secure long-term protection for exceptional wild places.

Policy Solution

We push the government to end all new leasing of fossil fuels on public lands and waters.

Policy Solution

We fight dirty energy projects on all fronts—from offshore oil rigs in the Arctic to fracking rigs in people’s backyards.

Policy Solution

We ensure wind and solar projects won't harm ecosystems by identifying potential conflicts from the beginning.

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