From the mighty blue whale to the tiny honeybee, species are under assault from hunting, fishing, climate disruption, industrial development, and other dangers.

NRDC defends wildlife by stopping threats and securing long-term protections. Our lawsuits have forced the U.S. Navy to limit sonar testing that harms and kills whales. Our advocacy has helped preserve migration routes for grizzly bears and other species. And our partnerships with ranchers, farmers, and business owners promote ways for livestock to peacefully coexist with wolves, coyotes, and other wild predators.

What We're Doing

Policy Solution

We block politicians' attempts to gut this law, which has helped save hundreds of species from overfishing, habitat loss, and other dangers.

Policy Solution

Diverting water for cities and agriculture harms vital ecosystems. We come up with strategies for keeping our rivers and lakes healthy while providing adequate water supplies for growing populations.

Policy Solution

We work to end overfishing, rebuild depleted fisheries, and promote the long-term sustainability of fisheries both in the United States and internationally.

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We fight to eliminate the pesticides and herbicides that are killing off bees and butterflies, which pollinate the world's crops, wild plants, and flowers.

Policy Solution

Despite an international ban on whaling, these marine mammals are still being killed across the globe. We fight to end this illegal act.

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We ensure wind and solar projects won't harm ecosystems by identifying potential conflicts from the beginning.

Policy Solution

From grizzlies to wolves, we protect keystone species by pushing for improved management of these animals and taking the government to court when necessary.

Policy Solution

Our pioneering work forces noise polluters—who threaten the lives of marine mammals by drowning out the sounds they rely on—to comply with environmental laws.

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